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6th-Aug-2025 01:00 pm - journal reopened for old fics
Hi there,
I'm not going to totally shut this acc down cos there're people making luv with my fics here... So what I'm gunna do this I'm only going to friend lock it... so if you really wanna read my fic, just comment on this post, and I'm gunna add you or whatever (:
so yeahhh

but I'm gunna post my new fanworks at my new LJ account divatudex ... this is merely just an old sanctuary C:

<3 caramel
11th-Jul-2025 04:13 pm - HEY GAIZ; moving accounts
READ MORECollapse )
cos I figure I'm gunna reactivate my LJ and be active again, but I hate how disorganized this is... I have few ideas for fan suffs like more idea for fics, and mixes.. but I CAN NEVER DRAW orz.. I need to be more artsy again so yeah.. and also, this time my fandom won't only be concentrating on just the kpop fandom but some other as well (: coughHETALIAcough

do add me there :D

<3; caramel
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